Taking student application management to the next level

Does your RTO need agile solutions that drive efficiency and streamline student management? RTOApply is the ideal solution. It enables RTOs like yours to automate the entire life cycle of the student application process, from application to review to enrolment.

With better, smoother and potentially paperless end-to-end management of the application process, your RTO will be able to operate and perform at a whole new level.

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What is RTOApply?

DevCloud has developed RTOApply, a highly versatile tool for RTOs. The beating heart of RTOApply is DevCloud’s RTOFlow platform – a modern, cloud-based solution with built-in security and role-based user access.

About RTOApply

Who can use RTOApply?

All training providers and training organisations can use RTOApply. This flexible solution is suitable for training courses of all types, no matter whether the application process is complex, simple or somewhere in between.

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RTOApply for Certificate and Diploma applications

RTOApply is perfect for certificate and diploma courses where the application process is more complex. RTOApply empowers organisations to easily carry out a rigorous set of processing steps that are often the subject of a compliance audit.

Complex applications generally require a greater data input from the student, followed by a thorough internal review process. There may be a student interview phase before the application is ultimately approved or rejected. Approved applications are typically turned into enrolments.

RTOApply has been designed and developed to handle all stages in the life cycle of a more complex application.

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RTOApply for short course applications

RTOApply is also an excellent choice for short courses, including:

  • Refresher courses
  • First aid and emergency training courses
  • Responsible service of alcohol courses
  • White card for construction courses
  • A wide range of other short courses

A short course application may be limited to the collection of basic information along with payment. In these cases, DevCloud can provide a version of RTOApply that specifically fits your training organisation’s needs.

Simple applications

Why should RTOs switch to RTOApply?

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Mobile responsive pages make it easy for applicants to enter the required information online.


The intuitive, student-facing electronic application forms – or pages, as we call them.


Information is validated at the time of entry. No more missing or invalid data.


It is fully compliant with AVETMISS, the data collection standards for RTOs.


Applicant information can be easily imported into other linked systems. No more re-entry of data.


RTO staff have an online, visible review process at their fingertips, and they can get an overall view of application status for the entire training organisation or for a specific course.


Custom pages for both student input and internal review processes can be developed to perfectly fit your RTO’s requirements and workflows.

Quick to implement

Standard pages for both student input and review mean your RTOApply solution can be up and running in a short space of time – hours, not weeks.


The platform behind RTOApply is designed with security in mind including a role based permissions model.