An integration connects two systems to each other so they can share and access appropriate data. Integrations ensure you get more value out of your investment in technological solutions.

RTOApply has been developed with integration in mind. It gives training organisations the support they need for highly effective student management and integrates seamlessly with all of the popular systems used by modern RTOs in Australia today.

When a new system needs to be integrated, DevCloud produces an integration that can be plugged into RTOApply. Data can then be securely shared as required.

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Student Management Systems (SMS)

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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)

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Payment Gateways

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Other Integrations

If the integration the customer needs is not on the above list, an integration can usually be developed, provided that the product has an available API.

With a dynamic, integrated student application system on board, RTOs can respond more quickly to a vocational training sector that continues to transform. RTOApply’s capacity to be integrated with other systems also helps to future-proof it against regulatory changes or the introduction of other advanced management systems in the training industry.

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